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Commander Colonel Daniel Kramer II          Colonel Kent Harbaugh          Command Chief Master Sergeant Jenny Balabuch 
Wing Commander  Deputy Commander Command Chief 

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Frequently Requested Numbers

BASE DIRECTORY:  (269) 969-3400
PUBLIC AFFAIRS OFFICE: (269) 969-3385 
PASS & ID: (269) 969-3216
DEERS: (269) 969-3216 
RETENTION: (269) 969-3205
RECRUITING: 1-800-432-4296 
BX/SHOPPETTE: (269) 969-3372
FINANCE: (269) 969-3223 
FORT CUSTER LODGING: (269) 731-6126/6726


BASE ADDRESS:  3545 Mustang Avenue (GOOGLE MAPS:  3475 West Dickman Road) BATTLE CREEK, MI  49037-5509
COMM:  269-969-3385
DSN:  580-3385 / 580-3234


ID Card Info

Appointment only Tuesday thru Friday, 0800-1600
Customer Service phone: 269-969-3216, option 5
Dependents listed below need to update expired ID cards by appointment only Tuesday thru Friday:
  • First time dependent card holders turning 14 years old or older
  • Those dependents turning 21 and are a full-time college student or 100% dependent on service member
  • Those dependent turning 23 and are a college student or purchase their own Tricare.
All military members by appointment only Tuesday thru Friday
and RSD weekends
DoD DEERS Beneficiary Helpdesk 800-538-9552 MilConnect portal DOD Reference Center