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  • Published
  • By Capt. Dan Guy
  • 110th Communications Flight Commander
The 110th Airlift Wing Mission Support Group participated in the 2012 Canned Food Sculpture Challenge, hosted by the Food Bank of South Central Michigan. After supporting the Food Bank in December 2011, the group was invited to participate in yet another fun and challenging event. The challenge was to build a sculpture out of canned goods to raise awareness and donations for the food bank and continue the fight against hunger.
Every squadron and flight within the group participated in this rewarding community event that took place for over 45 days. Donations and planning began on the 14th of March when the team initial met to discuss ideas and come up with a sculpture design. Master Sgt. Jessie Underwood from the 110th Civil Engineering Squadron spearheaded the design of the sculpture and Senior Amn. Stephanie Koch of the 110th Communications Flight came up with the team name for the event, "Taking Aim at Hunger." With the design and team name out of the way, the group turned its efforts towards collecting donations.
Each Squadron had a unit representative that helped spearhead efforts within their perspective unit. As the event drew closer, Master Sgt. John Blaskie and Master Sgt. James Downey coordinated one final push across the group raising over $600.00 that allowed the group to donate over 1,000 pounds of food. With collections out of the way, the real challenge began with building the actual structure.
Building the structure was spearheaded by Capt. Nathan Finfrock and Mr. Steve Wood of the 110th Civil Engineering Squadron. They brought the design to life creating a structure that would allow the final creation of canned food sculpture. Finally on April 22, 2012, Capt. Finfrock led a highly energetic team of LRS, CF, FSS, CE, SFS, and MSG staff members to build a sculpture that was over six feet tall and six feet wide in a little over two hours at Lakeview Square Mall. Not only did members of the MSG support this project, but additionally many spouses, children, and local boy scouts participated to make this project a success.
The efforts were recognized on May 9, 2012 by the Food Bank of South Central Michigan luncheon, where the sculpture earned the "Most Outrageous Award" for 2012. Across the MSG, there were many participants, too many to mention name by name. A special thanks to all of those that participated and gave back to such a supportive community.