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MOBEX: The First Step in ORI Preparedness

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Matthew Mohundro
  • 110 Public Affairs
Members of the 110th Airlift Wing participated in a mobilization exercise on March 5, 2011 to prepare for the operational readiness inspection (ORI) later this year. The exercise covered the necessary procedures to safely and effectively process airmen through and up to the point they board the flight for deployment.

The entire exercise consisted of three groups starting with group 1 and 2 on Saturday and finishing up on Sunday with group 3. Each group went through their initial briefing followed by weighing and turning in of their bags. Next is the personnel deployment function briefings, an amnesty drop-off point, and finally deployment.

With the upcoming ORI, the members of the 110th Airlift Wing expect many exercises like this during the next few months. Though at times the training may get tedious, its important to keep a positive attitude and maintain a high level of professionalism to get the most out of the process.

"Our members showed excellent teamwork throughout the exercise," said Senior Master Sgt. Mike Labruzzy, 110th Airlift Wing Unit Deployment Manager.

This teamwork is crucial as the airlift wing approaches 2 operational readiness exercises this summer followed by the ORI in October.

"Everyone seemed surprised by how quickly and smoothly the process was," said Senior Master Sgt. Jeffrey Cummings. "We didn't encounter anyone that didn't have a positive attitude," said Sergeant Cummings.

Overall, it seems that the 110th Airlift Wing is off to a good start this year in preparing for the major inspection. It's likely the 110th will again show their excellence as has been standard procedure throughout its long history.