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Reinstatement of Vehicle Registration and DD FORM 2220

Battle Creek ANGB -- The 110th Security Forces Squadron will be reinstating the vehicle registration process on 16 February 2010. As many of you may remember, on 01 April 2007 Chief of Staff of the Air Force (CSAF) General Moseley eliminated the requirement to register vehicles and issuing of the vehicle decal DD Form 2220. Although other Services still required decals to access their installations, it resulted in delays and other frustrations for air force (AF) personnel. Feedback from the AF community indicated they would like to return to the vehicle registration process and re-issuing the DD Form 2220. Even with the 100 percent identification process still in effect, the registration requirement will also strengthen vehicle and driver safety through verification of insurance, valid driver's license and state vehicle registration. With this in mind, the current CSAF is reinstating the vehicle registration process, to include issuing DD Forms 2220, to eligible personnel requiring routine access to Air Force installations starting no-later than 15 March 2010. All eligible personnel have until 15 March 2011 to register their vehicles.

We currently have 2012 and 2013 year stickers in stock with ample supplies of DD Form 2220 that were kept from 2007 and the color "Battle Creek ANGB" stickers will remain the same; blue for Officers, yellow for NCO's, red for Airman, and green for DOD and state employees. All you will need to bring to the Security Forces Squadron is current proof of insurance, a valid vehicle registration through the state and a valid drivers license. The main gate will issue information sheets of the vehicle registration process to retirees on Wednesdays to assist in getting the information out to them. Vehicle registration is good for three years. With the implementation of the vehicle registration process Hands-on verification checks are still required for access to an AF installation. This will not replace the 100 percent ID check. This is due to many weaknesses in the manufacture and control of the decal, AF entry control procedures will not consider the presence of a decal on a vehicle when determining a vehicle occupant's authorization to gain access to an AF installation.