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New Fitness Facility

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Jonathan Stein
  • 110 Fighter Wing, Public Affairs
As the Air Force steps up the physical fitness requirements for the PT Test, the 110th Fighter Wing has stepped up the fitness facility.

Building 6925, formerly the A-10 loader storage area, east of the Base Exchange on the south side of the road, is the new location with 2,687 square feet dedicated to helping you improve your results on your next test.

The facility includes seven treadmills, three elliptical machines, and two bikes for your cardio workout. In addition to that, a powerack, and functional trainer machine are on site to help you work your upper body and core, without a spotter. Dumbells, free weight and weight resistant machines are also on hand. The resistant machines feature the pin select option for easier use and no spotter.

Equipment orientation and trainers will be available starting in January to help you reach that New Year's resolution. The facility has a number of options for equipment to maximize your workout.

What to know before you go:

· Sign a disclaimer for safety and legal purposes. They will keep this on file.
· Facilities for showering and storage are limited. Change into your workout clothes prior to going in and shower elsewhere if you can.
· Put the weights back when you are done!

Facility times are being determined and the office will not have anyone on hand until communication equipment is available. During the week SMSgt. David Cape will be available in the facility, and MSgt. Carmen LaGuardia will be there during the weekend. 7269

Any comments or suggestions please contact MSgt. Carmen LaGuardia at ext. 3328 or via email