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Ready to Move Out

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Jonathan Stein
  • 110 Fighter Wing, Public Affairs
The November weekend had members walking through the deployment routine in a mock exercise. The exercise was setup to test the base and the procedures of running deployed airman through the phases. "A lot of us have never gone through this before," said Staff Sgt. Ken Gordon. "This is a good exercise for everyone."

One of the last phases included a weapons pallet, getting their baggage weighed, and going through a metal detector. This is the point where there is no longer physical contact
with families with the exception of a cell phone. "They've said their good-byes at this point," said Sergeant Gordon.

This is also the part where the military would keep those being deployed from trying to run away. The exercise went on for both Saturday and Sunday. The exercise had over 200 people participating with 75 acting as deployed airman.