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17th AF & 110th AOG - A Model for Integration

  • Published
  • By Col.Bryan Teff
  • 110th AOS/CC
Augmentation is often the term of choice when describing the relationship between an air reserve component unit and its active duty counterpart. By definition, augmentation implies a reinforcement or increase while integration implies assimilation and incorporation. When we describe our relationship with 17th Air Force, we speak in terms of integration and assimilation. Our mantra is simply stated as follows: "The 110th Air Operations Group doesn't just augment 17th AF, but we integrate with 17th AF."

Recently, our integration efforts with 17th AF have been taken to a new level. Three significant working groups have been established in order to leverage the capabilities of both units. Established working groups include operations integration, systems integration and training/standardization evaluation integration. Each team consists of several members from individual AOG units with a variety of AFSC experience.

In the short term, the operations integration working group is focused on the Joint Force Air Component Commander roles and responsibilities for the Continent of Africa and Combined Joint Task Force - Horn of Africa. Ultimately, the long range goal of this group is to develop the milestones and level of support that the AOG can provide to the 617th Air and Space Operations Center. A key ingredient to our integration efforts is our systems integration working group that is charged with the development of the collaboration tools to be used during the integration process. Specifically, some of these tools include sharepoint, community of practice capability, and Air Tasking Order production collaboration. Once the systems are integrated, the AOG will pick up the administrative AOC training function for 17th AF. With that objective, the training/stan eval working group is focused on development of local operating instructions to include building the process to allow for seamless training integration with 17th AF. At this stage of our mission stand-up, the integration working groups have been a tremendous success and are enabling our total force integration.

ARC augmentation units provide trained personnel to fulfill a task. Essentially, this is additional manpower to assist our Active Duty counterparts in accomplishing the mission. Integration is designed to take augmentation to the next level. Units not only provide trained personnel, but they provide personnel who are a known quantity. These personnel have built a relationship and have been assimilated into their respective Active Duty unit enabling trust and involvement at all levels. Our goal in the AOG is to do more than augment; we strive to integrate with 17th AF.