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Pilot back from C-21 Training

  • Published
  • By Tech Sgt. Jonathan Stein
  • 110th Fighter Wing
Major Dave Seely recent returned from training for the C-21 and is now one of four pilots ready to fly the new aircraft. The training is six weeks total with three weeks at CAE Simuflite in Dallas, Texas, and another three at Keesler Air Force Base, Biloxi, Miss. 

The training in Dallas was focused mostly on the computer simulation and studying the aircraft. While the training at Keesler was the hands on experience taking the C-21 into the skies. 

"The C-21 feels more like a sports car whereas the A-10 was heavier like a truck with bombs," said Major Seely. "We focused a lot of time on the system and the instrument procedures." The C-21 has a passenger carrying mission so there are a number of fail safe and back up options to make sure the flight goes smoothly for the passengers. 

Getting used to the cockpit and having another pilot by your side is also something to adjust to with the C-21. 

"Before, with the A-10 it was just you, if you made a mistake you were responsible for it and corrected it," said Major Seely, "now you've got somebody by your side with different tasks but aware of your job." 

Major Seely and other pilots trained for the C-21 are not able to apply what they've learned until the PCR (Program Change Request) is signed. They could be flying as early as this summer of fall. 

"Flying is flying, but with the C-21 it's a different kind or flying," said Major Seely.