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Airmen against drunk driving

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Alec Lloyd
  • 110th Fighter Wing
Though the 101 Critical Days of Summer are over, the members of Battle Creek Air National Guard Base's new chapter of Airmen Against Drunk Driving believe safety is a year-round concern.

Formed in May, the group's objectives are to reduce the number of Wing members involved in alcohol-related accidents, lower the number of members arrested for driving while impaired by alcohol and educate Wing members about the professional and personal consequences of drunk driving.

Staff Sgt. Cailean Gee of the 110th Security Forces Squadron is the president of the nascent chapter. He was inspired by the examples of similar organizations other bases he encountered while he was on active duty. Since May, the Battle Creek chapter of AADD has drafted its charter and put together a framework for how it can help members avoid drinking and driving.

A core service AADD will provide is a safe ride hotline for Wing members. The resource will be active during UTA weekends and other specially designated dates from the hours of midnight to 4 a.m.

The service will allow members that have had too much to drink to obtain a safe ride home.

"We'll come, we'll pick you up, and will give you a ride back home," Sergeant Gee said. "It allows people who may have made some bad decisions to turn things around by making a good one."

The service area has not yet been determined.

Sergeant Gee emphasized that 110th has not evidenced a problem with alcohol-related driving incidents, and he was motivated simply to make the base safer and to provide another way for members to exemplify the Air Force values.

"It really emphasizes the Wingman Culture of the Air Force," Sergeant Gee said.

The 374th Security Forces Squadron based at Yokota Air Base, in Japan, implemented a program and saw on-base drunk-driving citations fall from 21 in 2005 to only 13 in 2006 - a 38 percent reduction.

It is expected that the Battle Creek chapter will have several differences that reflect the uniqueness of the base and the needs of traditional and full-time Guardsmen.

Even the logo is of local design. It was created by Staff Sgt. Sonia Calbaugh. "I enjoy design work," Sergeant Calbaugh said. "This was an opportunity to do some design work for a good cause."

Members interested in learning more about the group are encouraged to contact their First Sergeants for more information.