Commander's Comments, March 2019

  • Published
  • By Col. Bryan Teff
  • 110th Wing

Team Battle Creek, As of 1 March 2019, we are now officially the 110th Wing. Our new wing designation speaks directly to our diverse missionsets and identifies us correctly as an ANG Wing that operates in more than one core mission in more than one domain. The process to update the entire base will take some time; however, you will see changes to our main gate and Headquarters building as early as 1 March.

Due to events outside of our control, the Wing change of command scheduled for this RSD has been pushed to the right. Tentatively, we have scheduled the change of command for Sat, 13 April @ 1400. As of the writing of this letter, a selection of the new Wing Commander has not been made. As soon as the selection is made and we have approval from the JFHQ leadership, we will announce the selection via our various communication platforms.

On 19 Feb 2019, the Air Force published a guidance memorandum establishing procedures for implementing the SECDEF policy regarding non-deployable service members. Your Commanders and Chiefs will be discussing this topic over the March RSD. The endstate goal is to achieve a 95% or greater deployability rate.

The key takeaway is as follows: Airmen are responsible for their deployability status and should take the necessary steps to maintain their readiness. Specifically, to be wartime mission capable, Airmen must:
(1) Meet individual medical readiness standards, to include medical, dental, and physical components
(2) Be able to execute the wartime mission requirements of their respective career fields, to include the technical, educational, and physical proficiency,
(3) Be current on the Physical Fitness Assessment
(4) Be considered a satisfactory participant in Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard duties

Over the past few weeks, we have put together an awesome team to collaborate with the other MI ANG units to create a new Strategic Plan. MG Rogers has tasked the ANG to complete this effort over the next several months. The ANG portion is part of a larger Michigan National Guard and Department of Military and Veterans Affairs effort to produce a comprehensive strategic plan. Our 110th Wing team is diverse and inclusive, consisting of members with varied experience, rank, status, and AFSC. Even if you are not part of the assigned strategic planning team, your feedback is valued and needed. If you have ideas regarding the 110th Wing or MI ANG, please provide input to your respective commander.

As a reminder, please congratulate SMSgt Rusty Carroll for his 30+ years of distinguished and honorable service to the State and Nation. If you are available, please attend SMSgt Carroll’s retirement ceremony on Sat, 2 March @ 1600 in the DFAC.

Have a great drill! My best to you and your family.


Colonel Bryan Teff