Battle Creek Outstanding Company Grade Officer shares success

  • Published
  • By By Staff Sgt. Bethany Rizor
  • 110th Wing

Capt. Tandi Bailey, 110th Medical Group healthcare administrator, attributes her career success to motherhood, professional development and leadership. As a result she is representing the Michigan Air National Guard as the Company Grade Officer of the Year..

Bailey believes that the method for success is having a village cheering you on and supporting you, at home and at work.

“I have a very supportive family that allows me to dedicate the time and thrive in my career,” said Bailey. “I also have inspiring individuals I work with each day that fuel my strength and are some of the most resilient, caring, compassionate people I know.”

Bailey’s passion for taking care of people inspired her to become a medical technician with the 110th Medical Group.

“I chose the medical field because I want to care for and connect with people,” said Bailey.

For Bailey, taking care of her family has always been her priority. She became a mother early in her career, making home and work life a balancing act.

“It was a challenge to pour myself into my career when it took a backseat to motherhood,” said Bailey. “But as my children grew, I took every opportunity available to me to work toward my professional development.”

Bailey's caring nature goes beyond her family and patients, she extends care to her subordinates by encouraging positive involvement in change at all levels of her team.

“After finishing college, I wanted to be a part of leadership that had the ability to make the change,” said Bailey. “Direct-commissioning as a Healthcare Administrator gave me the opportunity to be a leader that gave every member a voice to influence the process.”

Bailey’s leadership saw great potential in her and encouraged her to step into her role with confidence and zeal.

“Capt. Bailey hit the ground running and has been a source of energy and enthusiasm in re-invigorated the ‘esprit de corps’ within the MDG,” said Col. Janice Davis, 110th Medical Group commander. “Although she was brand new to her role when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Bailey capably facilitated the processes and procedures required to ensure health and safety of personnel, as well as platforms to ensure overall readiness posture.”

She has learned that taking care of yourself and family is just as critical as your work for the mission.

“Burnout is real – recognize it – listen to it,” Bailey said. “It’s ok to take a knee and focus on work/life balance because you can still be successful when the time is right.”

Both her family and team have given her the space to grow as an individual and a leader, allowing her to lead with grace and truth.

“It’s important to me to value all members’ input on improving the processes, programs and culture,” said Bailey. “And that we are creating an atmosphere where members can grow through failure and gain confidence from their leaders.

Bailey believes any member can have both; a career and family.

“The military has been very supportive in taking care of my family when I needed it, and in return I have had the opportunity to take care of my Airmen” said Bailey.

Bailey is grateful her experience has been recognized by her peers and leadership, and she hopes to inspire future leaders as well.

“This accomplishment is truly an honor and I am proud to represent, as a woman, a medical administrator, and a mom that is also serving her Wing and Country,” said Bailey. “I think at times we have self-doubt but being recognized affirms that our work is making a difference. I just hope to be a positive influence for anyone, and give someone the power of self-belief as others have given me.”