110th LRS travels across MI: Behind the scenes support for Battle Creek Air Show

  • Published
  • By Story by Tech. Sgt. Valentina Viglianco
  • 110th Wing

The Battle Creek Field of Flight Air Show and Balloon Festival is the largest air show in Michigan. This air-powered event captivates audiences with its display of colorful hot air balloons filling the sky. As the jet engines and aircraft propellers roar, local viewers experience a rush of emotions, fully aware that they are witnessing superior aviation.

Behind the scenes, the success of this grand occasion relies on the collaborative efforts of multiple organizations. Among them, the 110th Logistics Readiness Squadron (LRS) at Battle Creek Air National Guard Base (ANGB) plays a vital role. A dedicated team comprising three ground transportation specialists and one material management specialist embarked on a mission to ensure the event runs seamlessly.

“I have served in the military for 22 years and being part of the 110th LRS allows me to continue my commitment to service and contribute to events like the Field of Flight Air Show and Balloon Festival,” Master Sgt. Jason Schiavo, 110th LRS ground transportation specialist. “It is an honor to utilize my skills and work alongside my fellow Airmen in supporting an extraordinary event.”

Renowned for their expertise and adaptability, the 110th LRS excels in various logistical tasks. Their responsibilities encompass equipment acquisition and distribution, vehicle refueling, meticulous vehicle maintenance, and efficient management of shipping and receiving supplies.

“Every logistical mission for the Air National Guard (ANG) starts and ends with a logistics readiness squadron,” said Tech. Sgt. Marcel De La Vara, 110th LRS material management specialist. “We handle all aspects from start to finish. Our unit plays an instrumental role not only for the Michigan ANG but the entire Air Force.”

On June 26, 2023, the Airmen from the 110th LRS drove two semi-trailer trucks from Battle Creek ANGB to Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center (CRTC). Their purpose was to carefully load up essential flightline equipment, ensuring every piece was accounted for and ready to be deployed for the festivities.

Collaborating closely with the Alpena CRTC LRS, De La Vara and his team worked diligently to secure the necessary equipment. They meticulously fastened down four light carts, two aircraft fire extinguishers, a bobtail tow truck, and a specialized cart used for servicing aircraft oxygen systems. Their unwavering attention to detail ensured that every piece of equipment was safely secured and ready to be delivered.

“Being part of an Air Show that brings such joy to the local community is truly rewarding,” De La Vara said. “Our unit here at the 110th LRS takes immense pride in our work, regardless of the task. We as a squadron understand the importance of supporting our local communities in all endeavors.”

In addition to their contributions at Alpena CRTC, the 110th LRS went above and beyond by making two additional trips. They journeyed to Grissom Air Force Reserve Base in Indiana and Selfridge ANGB in Michigan, picking up vital supplies required for the seamless execution of the Field of Flight Air Show and Balloon Festival.

The much-anticipated Field of Flight Air Show and Balloon Festival is scheduled to take place from June 29 to July 4 at Battle Creek Executive Airport in Michigan. Don’t miss out on the air-powered event. For more information, visit www.FieldofFlight.com.