110th Supports Army with Air Terminal

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Andrew Kramer
  • 110th Logistics Readiness Squadron
On the morning of the 25th of February, the 110th Airlift Wing began to increase its viability to the state and the nation by beginning the first of many Army National Guard deployments. 110th members worked countless hours coordinating with the Michigan Army National Guard Logistics Command in an effort to not only bring training and continuity to the 110th during our time of conversion, but also to alleviate stress on our Army brothers. In total, there will be at least twelve of these deployments this fiscal year with many more to come in the following years. It takes significant amount of planning
and coordination to successfully make these missions happen. It all starts with our Logistics Plans personnel who coordinate the multiple moving parts from airlift to the base support required from each functional area; our Airfield Manager managing the airfield, PPRs and coordinating with the flying units; the Small Air Terminal inspecting and loading passengers and cargo; Aircraft Maintenance catering to all of the aircraft needs while the aircraft is on the ground; Security Forces on servellience; Crew Chiefs launch the aircraft and park them; Aerospace Ground Equipment maintains the generators and any ground equipment needed; and Fuels (aka POL) ensures the aircraft has the right amount of fuel; and of course the wonderful Family Readiness and Red Cross volunteers who cater to the soldiers needs while they are waiting for their flight. All of these Airmen have volunteered for extra duty to come in for a greater cause.  To date, these individuals have been vital in the movement of 453 passengers and 20 tons of cargo. That's only been a short one and a half month time span. To many of the individuals working these deployments, their work does not go unnoticed and shows everyone the excellence and professionalism displayed by members of the 110th Airlift Wing. The truth is that if you ask anyone here, they will tell you we are the best at what we do. Those same people want to show the synergy that happens when harnessing the strength of personnel and missions of Army and Air Guard. Deploying the Army National Guard out of Battle Creek Air National Guard Base not only serves as excellent training to our Airmen, but more importantly it shows the Air Guard's capability of moving the Army faster and further for their missions and training.