Health and the Community

  • Published
  • By Airman Tiffany Clark
  • 110th Attack Wing Public Affairs
Members of the Calhoun County Public Health Department met with members of the 110th Attack Wing Medical Group here on Sept. 11, 2015 to discuss working together to help base operations and the surrounding community.

Brigette Reichenbaugh, the Operations and Development Manager for CCPHD along with Jim Rutherford a Health Officer with CCPHD joined Capt. Allen Stout, the Public Health Officer for the 110th ATKW Medical Group and Master Sgt. Jozzlyn Richards, a Public Health Technician for the 110th ATKW, to find a way to join forces to strengthen their ability to impact Airmen and community members alike.

"The Air Force Medical Service guidance highlights the importance of collaborating with local public health agencies to ensure the highest quality force health protection for the Wing," said Stout.

The group discussed the benefits for the partnership of the state and local health departments such as efforts in seasonal flu vaccinations, food safety, infectious disease surveillance and control as well as CCPHD making their travel immunization clinic and comprehensive sexually transmitted illness program availability known.

Future meetings will take place later this year to discuss gaps and overlaps in the public health coverage for the 110th ATKW and Calhoun County. Shared activities will be built into an annual work plan and carried out through mutual training and assistance.