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We’re offering you an unbeatable part–time job: paid tuition, money for expenses each month, and resume–building experience you can use to compete for jobs once you’re out of school.There are dozens of career fields you can get experience in and you pick the job that is right for you, all while serving community, state, and nation!


- A part time job that requires no experience and pays you to train.
- You will be provided with over $450.00 worth of uniforms.
- Paid training at one of five Air Force Technical Schools. Not only is the training paid for, but all room, board and transportation is at our expense.
- Receive college credit for your training through the Community College of the Air Force. Eventually obtaining an Associates Degree in you career field at minimal cost to you. No cost College Level Examination Program (CLEP) testing is also available to our members.
- You can apply your Community College of the Air Force credits toward a Bachelor Degree of your choice.
- In your future Air Guard Career, you will have the opportunity to attend Supervisory and Management Schools.
- When you attend training one weekend each month, your lunch is provided and you are paid 4 days pay for 2 days worked. If you have had experience in High School ROTC, a member of the Civil Air Patrol, or have some college credits you could qualify for higher starting pay.
- Receive $400,000.00 worth of life insurance
- Expect regular promotions and pay raises.
- Unlimited use of the Base Exchange and Morale, Welfare and Recreation facilities. The Base Exchange is a military department store that sells items at a reduced rate.
- Use the Commissary once each month, with your Commissary Privilege Card. The Commissary is a military grocery store that sells food at a low price.
- A retirement plan that will entitle you to benefits after only twenty years of part time service. When you hit age 60, you will begin to receive your monthly retirement check, you will be issued the blue Retiree ID Card which will entitle you to ALL the benefits Retirees get. (Unlimited Base Exchange and Commissary privileges, hospitalization for you and your dependents, legal assistance, club membership, theater, golf, swimming pools, etc.)
- You are eligible for space available air travel on military aircraft.
- You'll find camaraderie in the Air Guard because there is a sense of patriotism among its members.