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  • Career Education

    Whatever career field you choose, from Food Services to Pilot, you're ensured of getting the in-depth, comprehensive instruction and hands-on experience that will allow you to become a productive member of your home unit. Depending on your area of specialization, your training could last as little as four weeks or as long as 42 weeks. You'll
  • Customer Service Hours

    Monday - ClosedTuesday - Friday - 0900-1100 | 1300-1500UTA Saturdays - 0830-1200 | 1300-1600UTA Sundays - 0830-1100Retiree, Dependants or Disabled ID Cards - Wednesdays only 0730-1530
  • Cyber Defense Mission

         Truly an organization developing its own future relevance is the 110th Communications flight, which has recently undertaken a new cyber defense mission. The initial mission was stood up in 2009 in coordination with Air National Guard. The initiative empowers 5 Communications Flights and 1 Combat Communications Squadron to provide cyber