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  • Navy inspections at the gate

    Driving in through the main gate at the start of the day usually means a slight line, and the possibility of getting your vehicle searched. You may have noticed Navy Reservists opening all doors including the trunk and the hood. So why are they here doing the search? This is a step in joint

  • Wing Formation

    This June's wing formation saw the 110th Airlift Wing members forming up in a rather humid hangar awaiting the presentation of awards and a few words from Col. Seidel. The single star flag standing behind the podium signaled the attendance of Brig. Gen. Michael W. Callan, Vice Commander of the 17th

  • Junior Leadership Workshop

    The 110th Fighter Wing sponsored a 50 Dos for Everyday Leadership Workshop on Saturday, Jan. 23 at the Dining Facility. The day-long event examined leadership strategies and featured speakers from across the Wing, the state and keynote speaker, David Wheatley. Wheatley, author and co-founder of

  • Military OneSource offers free tax filing

    Defense Department officials encourage military families to once again take advantage of the free electronic tax filing services offered through Military OneSource. People can access the H&R Block at Home program by going to Military OneSource at and clicking on

  • Reinstatement of Vehicle Registration and DD FORM 2220

    The 110th Security Forces Squadron will be reinstating the vehicle registration process on 16 February 2010. As many of you may remember, on 01 April 2007 Chief of Staff of the Air Force (CSAF) General Moseley eliminated the requirement to register vehicles and issuing of the vehicle decal DD Form

  • Rise of the cyber wingman

    Every day, malicious code, worms, botnets and hooks attack Air Force computers hardware, software and the Internet. They infiltrate classified information and compromise national security. In response, Air Force officials are stepping up their mission to defend cyberspace.Mission success is the goal

  • Awards Ceremony Highlights Achievements

    The 110th Fighter Wing held its 2009 awards ceremony on Saturday, December 5th. The entire unit was present to recognize members receiving awards, ribbons, and degrees from the Air Force Community College. Once members received their awards Col. Rodger Seidel gave his remarks announcing that the

  • A Day on, Not a Day Off

    Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15, 1929 and went on to become one of the greatest social activists the world has ever known. At 35, he became the youngest person to win the Nobel Peace prize. He was assassinated on April 4, 1968 while making a speech from the balcony of his hotel room in

  • New Fitness Facility

    As the Air Force steps up the physical fitness requirements for the PT Test, the 110th Fighter Wing has stepped up the fitness facility.Building 6925, formerly the A-10 loader storage area, east of the Base Exchange on the south side of the road, is the new location with 2,687 square feet dedicated

  • 17th AF & 110th AOG - A Model for Integration

    Augmentation is often the term of choice when describing the relationship between an air reserve component unit and its active duty counterpart. By definition, augmentation implies a reinforcement or increase while integration implies assimilation and incorporation. When we describe our relationship